Plan quality in project planning is under quality management of project management , there are two (2) things you need to established and to be used in your project.

1. Quality Management Plan

Quality management plan is part of or a subsidiary plan of the project management plan. This plan includes establishing methods, processes, and procedures to be able to meet the defined requirements of the project. It is important to establish what the acceptable deliverable are, what to do to meet the requirements of being acceptable, and how it will be measured against the requirements.

Contents of quality management plan

  • Stakeholder (those involved in managing quality of the project)
  • Quality Assurance Plan (QA)
  • Quality Control Plan (QC)
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Deliverable, Quality Metrics, Reports, Documents

2. Quality metrics

Quality metrics includes the exact values that are to be measured on a certain project. This includes the acceptable measurement, including limits and controls in terms of specific values. The values in the metrics are to be measured during the quality control process, and knowing the limits from the metrics will result to acceptable deliverable and corrective or preventive actions.

Contents of quality metrics

  • ID
  • Category
  • Item
  • Description
  • Metrics
  • Reference
  • Methods of measurement

Quality metrics sample form

quality management

There are key points you need to know about project quality

  • For team members, always check the quality by self-inspection. The entire organization has responsibilities in terms of quality.
  • Poor quality of the project is project manager’s fault!
  • Spend more time in improving the quality and processes.
  • Spend more time and money in preventing quality concerns.

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