list of activity for schedule in construction management

Time Management in Construction Management

Project Schedule?

In managing construction project, we are dealing with schedule for our day to day activity, during our planning stage in construction management, make sure everything will be in a proper schedule.

Time Management here , in short the schedule of our project , meaning we need to have a realistic schedule in the first place, schedule or the time of our project will be presented in hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

Define The Activity of Your Project in Time Management

We can define our project activity through activity list and activity attributes.

Activity List is a list of all activities associated with the work packages to complete the project. The work package from our WBS is to be decomposed further in to activity level, where it can easily managed, monitored, and estimated. Our lists of activity will then be arranged and sequenced for the next process.

Activity Attributes?

We establish the more detailed description of an activity by specifying the resources needed for this activity assumption and constraints , predecessor and successor activity.

Here are the contents of List of Activity and Attributes

  • ID
  • Work Package
  • Activity
  • Work Description
  • Resources
  • Predecessor and  Successor Activities
  • Logical Relationships
  • Leads and Lags
  • Assumption and Constraints

What documents do you need to create list of activity and attributes?

  1. Scope baseline
  2. Work Packages for WBS

Where can we use the list of activity and attributes ?

  • Required Activity Resources
  • Activity Duration Estimates
  • Schedule Network Diagram
  • Schedule Baseline
  • Project Schedule

These documents are to be created during the second step of construction management .

List of Milestone

list of milestone for schedule of construction management


List of Milestone specifies the relative time or event for the project. The document comprises all the milestones , whether optional, mandatory, or based on historical data and information. Milestone can easily put into a graph where in you plot the end date or a deadline and Milestone can be presented also in the form of tables, a tabulated form with relative time or event.

What are the components of list of Milestone?

List of Milestone can be presented with

  • ID
  • Description of Activity
  • Milestone
  • Date Prepared

What You need and Where To Use list of Milestone?

You need scope baseline to make this document and You can use this in the schedule network diagram.

This document is often created during the second step in construction management.

For construction management and regarding the initial part of time management, our activity should be established and create more detailed definition of your project activity through attributes and  create lists of milestone of your project.

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