Executing of a project consist of integration management (knowledge area).

One of the knowledge areas of project management is the integration management, when we are in the integration management, you need to consider the performance information, this information usually created in the form of WPI or the work performance information.

Work Performance Information (WPI)

is a dynamic document which is routinely collected as the project progresses. It involves data and information about the actual results of performance or progress of the project.

WPI have many uses in the project management, such as scope, time, cost, quality, communication, risk, and procurement management. It is often created during the third step of managing construction projects.

Here are the contents of work performance information (WPI)

Activity Description
Contractor / Supplier
Reference ( Technical etc.)
Work Performance Information

Work performance information can acquire data from the following documents

  • Performance measurements
  • Project management plan

Work performance information can provide data to the following documents

  • Performance measurements
  • Change requests
  • Project management plan
  • Performance reports
  • Risk register
  • Procurement documentation

In the project execution, direct and manage project execution is one of the processes involved and this is to be done in the integration management and then, you need to have a WPI also know as Work Performance Information.

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