Project Management for construction is different from construction management or construction project management?

Project management now a days is a profession and same through with construction management , there are countries offered construction management as a course , these two management phrases is commonly misinterpreted ,in this article we will breakdown the meaning into a simplest definition as possible.

Project Management is the use of knowledge, skills, tools and processes to deliver the specified project requirements.

Processes here are groups of processes like, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control and closing the project with corresponding knowledge areas like Integration management, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risks, procurement management, these processes can be arranged in sequence and easy to understand format like mapping with the pre-arranged project management mapping you can easily determine what do you need to start and what comes next , I use Construction Management Toolkit the complete and step by step guide to check where am I in project management process.

We can apply project management with different trades or industries but not limited to the these, construction, agriculture, communication technology, health care, food and beverages, legal, mining, manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, software, transportation, electronics and electricity.

Above all of these industries construction project is considered to be a special project, because when applying project management, there are additional four(4) processes involved , the safety and health management, environmental, financial and claims management. With this project management for construction is still be a project management but the specific project is a construction project or you can call it construction project management or simply construction management.

Project management is not different from construction management, managing construction project is still under project management and commonly known as construction project management or construction management, there are standard processes in managing construction projects and the one that I am using is the Construction Management Toolkit – Faster, Easier and Safer Construction project.

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