How convenient and easy to control your construction project if you know how to organize and manage your templates and documents.


As a simple rule, if you don’t know how to manage construction documents from reports, correspondences, data to any information from your project you’re not able to manage your entire construction project.

In any construction projects, it is highly suggested that you need to group your project documentation into a major category or group, a good example is that, I have to create groups according to stage of your project let’s say initiating of your project , the initiating process or group.

As you start, all your documents regarding the group, initiating group have a first page log to control your entire project documentation under initiating here is the example how to make it.

Let’s have the Initiating ( Initiate your project) and I will consider this as step 1.


The first part of the document is the step templates (initiating templates) , as you can see below, this is your controlling documents, where in you can log templates and documents with this specific step ( step 1) . This is your document that is generally kept in your main office or company management files, provide a copy in your site files that has to be maintained by your document controller, some companies treated this as a confidential document.


Manage Construction Templates and Documents The Easy

Use the above simple and very useful tag or code to easily manage your project document, with the above sample format, you can tailor or edit these initials, codes and identification based on your choice or company preference, what is important here is that, you can easily distinguish what type of document, where to use, what steps and procedure you’re in.

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