Two essential plans of construction project management are communication plan and the risk management plan, these are sub component of project management plan and composed of group of processes.

1. Communication management plan : the communication plan for project management

Communication plan is another essential component of the project management plan. It involves a system on how to address information for stakeholder that answers what form of communication, when, and how frequent should it be done .This document is often created during the second step in managing construction projects.

Contents of Communication Plan

  • Information or the message
  • Resources, Glossary
  • Flow and work charts

Here is the sample templates for communication plan for construction management, you can check 100’s of templates and forms here;  Complete Line of Templates and Forms for Construction

communication plan

Communication Plan for construction project management can acquire data from the following documents

  1. Stakeholder registry
  2. Stakeholder management strategy

Communication Plan for construction project management can provide data to the following documents

  1. Project Management Plan

2. Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plan is another essential component of the project management plan, designed to deal with possible risks of the project and preventing issues that may result to negative or bad effect. In return, it specifies steps on how to come up with positive results or good effects by establishing plans in the first place before any problems might occur. This document is to be created during the second step of construction project management.

Contents of Risk Management Plan

  • Risk analysis
  • Stakeholder
  • Budget
  • Risks
  • Schedule
  • Definition and Tracking

Risk Management Plan for Construction Management

To access more Templates, Forms, Flowcharts and Sample Data , go here:  Step-By-Step Guide, Forms and Templates.

What documents and sources of information do you need to create risk management plan?

  1. Communication Management Plan
  2. Schedule Management Plan
  3. Project scope statement
  4. Cost Management Plan

What documents can you make with this risk management plan?

  1. Risk register
  2. Project management plan updates

When you’re about to complete your construction project management plan, these two sub component of your plan plays an important role in the over all outcome and result of your project. Always remember, the Best project manager spend 90% of his time in communication and that’s why communication plan is very important. For project risk, failure to determine possible risks of your project will be resulted to failed projects , so plan the risk as complete/broad as possible.

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