The construction project management program generally refers to the planning of a project and completing it with absolute coordination of workers and engineers. The project can be based on any subject aiming to produce a functional and realistic outcome. There are possibly seven types of construction project that includes horizontal, residential, environmental, institutional, industrial, commercial and heavy civil infrastructure.

Construction project management with 3 engineers Before taking up any project, the construction manager bids the          amount of money to the owner that is expected to spend. The payment  is mostly contractual but sometimes a cost-plus fee,   maximum price  and unit price are also included in the  project. Management has given us two vast fields, project management  and construction  management, which are now two budding field  of expertise that  professionals are finding their way up the ladder.

It is a quite important task, not just merely handling or organizing a regular task, but involves more than that. It is a systematic process which requires certain set of skills to lay a project and hold up an efficient team work to bring the project into success.There lies the responsibility to execute the ongoing work process with care and speculation. Project management and construction program are pretty similar with the fact that the former schedules and takes control over the programme that is needed to be done, while the latter is the building up the plans required to make the undertaking successful.

For any sort of assignment, a contractor is assigned once the design is set forth by the engineers. When the project takes off the ground, the management team must take into heed the main objectives comprising of budgeting, selection of participants, scheduling and basic requirements. The resources should be efficiently maximized through procurement process and implementing planning, designing and proper coordination during the entire assignment.

Project management requires excess team work where the managers should have the potentiality to handle conflicts among workers, safety of general public, manage time over a particular task, detailing cost information on the current operation, ensures that the product and the service is consistent and to look up the human capital of an organization. The application of this is beyond though and limit and has been catered to many industries involving mining, agriculture, aerospace and transportation, electricity, communication and even health care and food industry.

In the initiate stage of construction, one should recognize the specific phases, develop a project charter and single out the stakeholders. Project charter and the stake holders are the essentials while building construction management and moulding the project into the final stage.The former involves hiring a manager, describing the purpose and action involves the project getting approved by the higher authority, whereas to get a permit from the government the team must be ready with their stakeholder registry to extract the valuable data regarding the interest of the stake holders.

The construction management and project management are directly proportional to each other. For every industry, to deal with any assignment both the processes are involved to get the lucrative outcome.

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