Procurement Management  

This is one of the key areas of project management, the critical part here when you do a construction project is on the selection of the seller, supplier or a bidder, when you failed on the selection, your entire project is at risk in terms of quality, cost, scope and schedule.

Procurement Management Plan is another essential component of project management plan that addresses the procurement process, including documentation, managing, and closure of contracts. This document is often created during the second step in managing construction projects.

Components of procurement management plan

  • Stakeholder
  • Type of Contract
  • Documentation
  • Estimate
  • Schedule
  • Performance report
  • WBS
  • Bonds or Insurances
  • Assumption and Constraints
  • Risk

What documents and sources of information do you need?procurement management plan documentDocuments can you make with this procurement management plan.

procurement documentFLOW CHART  For Construction Bid

bid flowchartShown above is the flowchart you need to know about construction bid, here I outlined the exact days you’re going to consume when you conduct a bidding process, to get free templates on this, you can visit here ; Free Forms and Templates .

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