Initiating construction project will determine the authority of the project manager and formally authorize the project.

Managing construction project starts with initiating and this is the first step you must finish first before you go further with your project management for construction project. It is composed of processes aimed to authorize the project, identify specific phases, determine stakeholders, assign project manager(s), and formally start the construction work.

In these process groups you are able to establish the initial scope of the project, initial financial resources, you can develop project justification, purpose, objectives, establish project duration and identify project deliverable. Initiating process groups consists of two(2) processes , the developing project charter and identifying stakeholder.

The Project Charter recognizes and authorizes the project. It formally appoints or assigns a project manager to a specific project and defines his level of authority. It is being created in the construction management phase.

Stakeholder Registry provides information on the interest of the stakeholder. This document is ideally used to identify the stakeholder who can supply all the data regarding the project requirements. Generally, this document is created during the first step of the process which is the construction management phase.

Initiating construction project this has to be noted and considered.

  • The project manager should be involved in the initial stage of the project, particularly during the design stage. When the project charter has been issued, the project manager will now get the team.
  • The project will not exist without the project charter.
  • The project charter formally authorizes the project.
  • This will be issued by the sponsor. However, the project manager can assist the sponsor in preparing the document.

There are Templates available to initiate construction projects , these are but not limited to the Project charter, Stakeholder registry, Statement of work and Construction management contract.