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About Us

Construction Project Management Pro

Created by : Marvin M. Gamboa

Construction Project Management Pro or CPMPro is all about helping
project managers and construction related professionals worldwide to
achieve success in managing construction project, the first company to
release complete and step-by-step guide combined with methodology,
templates and documents on the web. CPMPro tools offers the All-In-One
solution to manage construction projects from easy to follow steps,
success keys, flowcharts and diagram and the customizable templates
and documents.

Marvin M. Gamboa

I am Marvin M. Gamboa , a Project Manager with all the necessary certifications. I am also a register Civil Engineer. I have been in the construction business for 14 years and I can safely say that I have seen it all! From overseeing horizontal projects such as roads, waterways, bridges, land development and island reclamation to vertical projects such as buildings, housing projects.

So with all this experience, there is nothing that would give me more happiness than to share all the knowledge that I have amassed over the years with others. All the experience that I have regarding my time spend in project management, I want to share with budding talent so that people who have just entered this professional can learn from my experience and can integrate themselves into this business without any hitches.

My guidebooks have all the information and tools you may require to succeed in this profession. From dealing with construction and managing a whole project; my guidebook will guide you through every step and make the whole process simple for you. I create my guidebooks with one aim in mind; to make your job simpler. All my templates and tools found inside the guidebook will help you in managing your project in the easiest way. I have also added helpful hints and tips so that you can stay on top of all that goes on in your construction project and to tackle a problem before it occurs such as being late on submitting a certain legal document to the proper authorities. All this and more is found in my guidebook to help you successfully manage your construction project.

Construction Project Management Pro or CPMPro is a savior for all construction project managers. Construction project managers all over the world can benefit greatly from our product. We are the first company to release a step by step guide for construction project managers. We have employed a very detailed methodology which has lead us to produce a guidebook that is perfect and does not leave out any other material a construction project manager will need when they are managing their construction project.

Along with all the documents and steps mentioned, there are helpful hints and tips to facilitate construction project managers who are new to the job. This guidebook is an all in one solution to manage construction projects; even if this is your first time we will help you pull the job off like any other veteran in the field.

This is an e-book so that you will not lose any of your documents since construction sites are busy and bustling with activity, you can easily misplace a book there but that is not the case with e-books, they are safe inside your computer or laptop and now, even on smart phones!

But if you also want a hard copy to consult with then you can easily print out pages of the e-book as per your requirement.

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