Construction is required in every sector if they want to increase their infrastructure and create opportunities for more employees to join the industrial sector. The subject of construction management has expanded its horizon in several sectors including medical & healthcare, civil industry, agriculture, mining, electronic and even food industries.

  • How can we define construction management?

Construction project management is the management program that is entirely a site based function that needs overall planning and execution of the project as the client wants. It requires all sorts of groundwork which involves designing, directing responsibilities, scheduling task, planning of budget, coordination among workers, monitoring every process and finally completing with a firm built construction and success.

Before the construction progress, a manager is hired, who is given the responsibility to supervise the work in progress and manage every other section that requires his attention.The construction manager appointed for any industrial build up, should acquire complete knowledge about the construction site.

At the initiation process of the project, a pre-construction meeting is arranged where decisions are made regarding the site, payment, working hours, quality control and resources needed. The next step involves moving up to the construction site and set everything up for the work to begin.

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  • Is construction and project management related?

Yes, both fields of the management are able to relate if the latter needs to erect a structure. Building project management demands a unique method to master a plan and put into effect with its forethought, organizing and controlling over the entire process to achieve all the project goals. The main concern lies in the project & the product scope, the time required to complete the assignment, the budget and the quality, that too gets under control with team work and managerial skills. The project that requires any sort of construction turns to be construction management program.

  • The role of construction manager

In every construction program, the construction manager holds the authority of the entire assignment from beginning to completion. The vital role it plays is described below-

  1. Firstly, the manager must look for public safety and safeguard them from any significant danger, injury and property damage.
  2. He/ she should check the amount of duration spent on productivity and other activities in the site.
  3. Estimating and calculating the cost that is needed to control the current operation.
  4. Monitor the quality of the product and maintaining a desired level of quality of product after the stages of production.
  5. Maximizing the workforce and managing them to work under an environment guided by rules and regulation.
  6. Plan accurately to give the assignment a positive outcome, which is also used for the orientation purpose.
  • The scope

Now, this broad field of management has entered into our education system offering verities of courses, programs and internships for the students who are aspiring to build career in this sphere. Building construction management software further helps to control vast amount of data that a capital project process. With unlimited scope and application construction management program has pioneered the path of success.

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