6 Responsibilities of a Project Manager for construction in the planning stage of the construction project ,we are talking here the construction management planning.

Project Manager’s Role in Planning stage of a construction project is very important and crucial, planning is the second steps in construction management, after we selected a project manager, created project charted and scope statement, we are now ready to move in to the planning stage of a project. Know the 6 responsibilities of a project manager or the construction project manager and in this article, this managers also means construction manager.

Project Owner or Sponsor is the person who has the capability to provide the financial resources of the project.

  • He provides necessary inputs on requirements, risks, and schedule of the project
  • He assists the project team in planning by providing expert judgment.
  • He communicates with the project team about the needed project reports.
  • He is responsible in the final approval of project management plan.

Project Manager is the person who is in charge of the project to meet the project objectives.

  • Not as mandatory as resources, but he is the over-all in charge of the project.
  • He leads the creation of the project management plan.
  • He ensures that the project is up to date and runs according to schedule.
  • He is responsible for the outcome of the project, including scope, quality, risks, and cost.
  • He is accountable for project success and failure.
  • He creates the change control system of the project.

Functional Manager is the one who manages a department like engineering.

  • He is involved in the creation of project management plan.
  • He assists the project manager in establishing project resources.
  • He approves project management plan and suggests inputs about project scheduling.
  • He suggests inputs in verification of scope and quality, and can provide corrective actions.

Team are  group of people responsible to complete and work on the project, but are subject to change throughout the construction project

  • The team identifies required work in terms of work breakdown structure (WBS)..
  • They establish time and schedule for project activities.
  • They provide inputs on cost estimates.
  • They assist the project manager on the creation of project management plan.

Stakeholder refers to anyone who has an influence over the project.

  • He is involved in the creation of the project management plan.
  • He provides inputs on the requirements, scope, risk, and quality.
  • He is part of the change control board.

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