Construction Management – Monitor and Control Process

Monitoring and Controlling of construction project is the next step when you are doing execution , you have to control and monitor what was executed and the purpose of this is to track the progress of the project, monitor the performance in comparison with the established baseline, it gives you the performance overview and you can create corrective and preventive action to resolve project issues.

Construction Manager

  1. Accountable for project results.
  2. Involve in the creation of change control system.
  3. Assist the team and stakeholder in the executing of project management plan.
  4. He is responsible in applying all the project management processes.

Project Owner

  1. Can provide expert judgement and resolve conflicts.
  2. Involve in scope ,quality, schedule issues of the project.
  3. Approve changes to project charter or any part of project management plan.

Functional Manager

  1. Recommend corrective actions.
  2. Involve in team member performance.
  3. Assisting project manager with some issues regarding team performance.


  1. Must complete the project management plan.
  2. Involve in project meetings.
  3. Produce the project reports.


  1. Dealing with risk, scope and project changes.
  2. Part of change control board.

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